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Promoting Advocacy and Educating Communities through Events

CDPAP New York United regularly organizes various events across New York to educate communities about the importance of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) and its potential impact on Medicaid-eligible individuals. These events serve as platforms for disseminating information, raising awareness, and fostering discussions among stakeholders, including legislators, healthcare professionals, caregivers, and community members. Through workshops, seminars, and informational sessions, CDPAP New York United aims to empower individuals with knowledge about their healthcare options and rights. Additionally, the organization welcomes any interested parties or organizations to collaborate and host events together, further amplifying the reach and impact of their advocacy efforts.

Empowering Our Communities

CDPAP New York United Events

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CDPAP offers flexibility in caregiver selection, enabling individuals to receive care from trusted sources such as family members or friends, fostering personalized and compassionate assistance. This flexibility allows participants to tailor their care to their unique needs, promoting individualized support and a higher quality of life.


CDPAP empowers individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities to manage their own care, providing them with a sense of control and dignity. Participants have the autonomy to hire, train, and direct their caregivers, ensuring their preferences and choices are respected.


The program has a significant impact on the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities, offering consistency of care and fostering independence. However, recent budget proposals in New York State have raised concerns about the future of the program, highlighting the need for continued advocacy and support.

Stand Up for CDPAP

Mobilize, Advocate, and Secure a Brighter Future!

In this critical moment, your voice carries immense weight. By raising awareness, mobilizing support, and advocating for the preservation of CDPAP services, you can make a tangible difference in ensuring the program's strength and sustainability for generations to come. Let us unite in solidarity to uphold the principles of dignity, choice, and accessibility inherent in the CDPAP program, securing a brighter future for you, your loved ones, and countless others in need of compassionate care.