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Memorandum in support of CDPAP budget proposal

This alternative budget proposal is offered to improve Governor Hochul’s 365-F budget proposal in the following key areas:

(1) clarity around the authorization process is detailed in the statute; (2) FIs have a right to receive an authorization if they meet the requirements; (3) FIs have an avenue to appeal if the DOH denies; and (4) they can remain in business when this process is pending.

The authorization process proposed herein is very similar to the process detailed in the version of 365-f that was in effect prior to March 31, 2019 (at which time it was replaced with an RFO process). Similar to Governor Hochul’s proposal, this proposal replaces the current RFO process.

A look at the Background

Ensuring the Continuation of CDPAP Services and Fair Treatment of Fiscal Intermediaries

During the current stage of the Coronavirus pandemic it is important to not disrupt a major program that provides personal care service in the home to people who would otherwise be forced into nursing home care. In addition, current FIs performed on an outstanding level throughout the pandemic. Equity requires that current FIs be given the opportunity to continue providing services, instead of small minority owned agencies being unfairly targeted and forced out of business.

During the COVID epidemic, for quality of healthcare, CDPAP has far outperformed both Nursing Homes and LHCSAs in providing safe, reliable, well managed services to the elderly and vulnerable patient population. By keeping vulnerable patients out of a congregant setting, CDPAP is preferable to Nursing Homes. By having one aide who is often a member of the patient’s household or family, instead of multiple aides visiting multiple patients, CDPAP is preferable for many over LHCSA services, especially in light of the Coronavirus pandemic and continued fears of exposure.

In addition, the decentralized administration of current CDPAP organizations has been a strength when large offices were closed due to COVID throughout NY State. Note that NYS offices and even the legislature were closed to citizens due to COVID. This proposal will add to the strength in decentralized home care management during a large scale health crisis like a pandemic.

The Department of Health’s attempt to drastically cut the number of FIs creates issues of network adequacy, resulting in palpable harms including closing long-standing highly reputable Fls, and leaving many parts of the state without a familiar FI, especially underserved and poverty stricken areas left without local agencies.

In the case of new immigrants, the DOH attempts to eliminate agencies, often those who are smaller in nature and formed to support a specific cultural and ethnic population, will cause tremendous harm. These agencies are often the only ones able to serve these populations with important language and cultural proficiency. In addition, the DOH’s consolidation effort provides inadequate network availability for small disability populations like the Deaf and Deaf/Blind community.

Under this proposed bill, Fls would be able to continue their work while DOH holds an enhanced authorization process that makes sure that all parts of the state will be served by experienced Fls that can meet the needs of diverse groups of patients.

Maximize Savings for CDPAP New York United Taxpayers


CDPAP offers flexibility in caregiver selection, enabling individuals to receive care from trusted sources such as family members or friends, fostering personalized and compassionate assistance. This flexibility allows participants to tailor their care to their unique needs, promoting individualized support and a higher quality of life.


CDPAP empowers individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities to manage their own care, providing them with a sense of control and dignity. Participants have the autonomy to hire, train, and direct their caregivers, ensuring their preferences and choices are respected.


The program has a significant impact on the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities, offering consistency of care and fostering independence. However, recent budget proposals in New York State have raised concerns about the future of the program, highlighting the need for continued advocacy and support.


CDPAP New York United is dedicated to preserving the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, ensuring individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities have control over their care.

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